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8 years – 8,400 leadership surveys completed – 600 leaders trained

It’s our mission to show that Leadership is not just something used in extraordinary circumstances by exceptional people. Leadership is something that should happen everyday in ordinary situations. Any time people interact there is an opportunity for Leadership; whether you’re running errands or running a company.

We believe Leaders can be made as well as born. It is our mission to explain and teach all aspects of Leadership. And, most importantly, lead by example.

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Rob Northfield

Rob Northfield Rob Northfield, Founder

Rob is a leading and inspirational business coach, specialising in transforming attitudes and behaviours that undermine business success. Rob's inspirational approach has reaped rewards in terms of motivation, performance and positive thinking.

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Laura Bouttell

Laura Bouttell Laura Bouttell, Managing Director

Laura is passionate about inspiring people, whether it's to deal with that challenging customer differently, to go out for that first run or to take that Creative Writing course. Her mission in life is to empower people to become their best.

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Kris Northfield

Kris Northfield Kris Northfield, Director of Product Development

Kris uses his experience of founding and running a retail chain and consulting for companies like The BBC, McLaren, Vodafone and Virgin Media to make sure 2inspire's products and services are the best in the industry.

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